ELI proposal featured at Longevity Technology

Longevity Technology ran a piece called Healthy longevity policy recommendation gains EU traction covering our ongoing Conference on the Future of Europe proposal. They quoted Attila at length, here’s the original summary he wrote:

Since there is no other fundamental approach that could effectively tackle the societal and individual problem of accelerated biological aging but science-intensive healthy longevity technologies the question is not whether these technologies should be developed and be made accessible for all citizens but when exactly this is going to happen and how. When is the point where the political establishment realises there’s no other way but to embrace them in principle and put societies on a practical trajectory where the en masse preventive biomedical slowing/stopping/reversing of these damaging aging processes will be the norm? With the public debate around the Green Paper on Ageing and the Conference on the Future of Europe the EU itself provided the apropos and tools for the next stage of European healthy longevity activism for the small but prepared network of the European Longevity Initiative, including affiliated organisations.The popularity of our proposal might actually serve as a turning point in longevity advocacy within Europe, giving way to a focused and organised longevity politics building a step by step action plan, built upon science, conceptualised and thoroughly argued at a philosophical depth, and fuelled by the radical need of people realising it as their opportunity of a lifetime. We have signatures from most EU countries, from prominent academic aging researchers to family doctors, from green party politicians to insurance people, coders and entrepreneurs, representing different working generations, from Ireland to Romania, from Sweden to Italy. They all understood something crucial: biological aging can be controlled with scientific means and chronological aging should not be a ‘natural’ burden. According to data in the 2020 Ageing Europe Report, 6 out 10 people in the EU over 65 years of age have their life compromised one way or another by their declining health. If EU top politics does not act upon this, and does not enable healthy longevity tech in the EU on a large scale, most of the ongoing efforts in the private and public innovation space will be in vain.

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